Cirrus Fibratus

Above: Cirrus Fibratus

Cirrus Fibratus

What are cirrus fibratus clouds?

These are a type of cirrus cloud and form part of the cirrus genus. The cirrus genus comprises several different types of loud formation. Identifying the cirrus fibratus cloud is fairly straightforward as the ends of such clouds do not clump up but appear as very fine fibers, hence the name fibratus. Similar to the cirrus cloud structure, the cirrus fibratus are very fine wispy clouds but the difference is that the ends of this type of cloud do not clump together.

What height are cirrus fibratus clouds found?

Normally occurring at high altitudes of above 20,000 feet and they are broadly known as high ice crystal clouds.

Classification of cirrus fibratus clouds

This species of cirrus cloud normally signify a warm front coming in. There is no specific classification of the cirrus fibratus cloud, as these are from the family of cirrus clouds. However the common characteristics of these clouds are that:

  • The cirrus fibratus is part of the cirrus genus.


  • The cirrus fibratus are light and feathery clouds that end in wispy thin hair-lie threads.


  • They are normally reflected as a brilliant white color in the daytime due to the ice crystals at the ends of these clouds.


  • The cirrus fibratus clouds may be seen during the day and in the late evening as temperatures adjust according to the moisture levels.


  • The cirrus fibratus can be found anywhere the warm winds at high altitudes mingle with the cold winds from the Earth.


  • If the cirrus fibratus clouds form a thicker layer, that this can be a precursor to rain or snow, although this is rare.


  • If the cirrus fibratus clouds form a thin layer, then this normally suggests fair weather, and in countries with tropical weather, this suggests a sunny day ahead.

How are cirrus fibratus clouds formed?

Cirrus fibratus clouds are formed when winds at high altitudes are strong and flow over the cold air from below. The combination of the warm air and the moisture is usually unevenly distributed hence the trail of fine fibers at the ends of such clouds.

What do cirrus fibratus clouds look like?

These cirrus fibratus clouds look like clumps of very fine white fiber with trails of fiber tailing off from them. The cirrus fibratus cloud formation does not cover the whole sky and commonly appears in patches scattered throughout the sky. For some, it looks like a sheet of white glass with loose fibers at the end. The cirrus fibratus is normally very fine and therefore the sunlight shines through them. Depending on the wind conditions, the tails of cirrus fibratus clouds may all point in one specific direction or be feathered in different directions when the wind conditions are unstable.

How common are cirrus fibratus clouds?

The cirrus fibratus clouds are very common at high altitudes.

Where can I see cirrus fibratus clouds?

These clouds occur anywhere in the world and are high level clouds.

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