Cirrus Castellanus

Above: Cirrus Castellanus

Cirrus Castellanus

What are cirrus castellanus clouds?

The word “castellanus” means castle or tower in Latin although in some instances that may not be the best description, if expecting to see towering castles. Instead what is manifested in the cirrus castellanus clouds are little turrets formed at a high altitude also taking into account that these clouds are part of the cirrus family. The cirrus castellanus clouds are considered to be the most splendid cloud manifestations under the cirrus genus.

The cirrus genus is a large one with a variety of different cloud formations as part of it. Amongst the formations under the cirrus family are cirrus floccus which are flaky and puffy formations, cirrus vertebratus that looks like a fish skeleton, the cirrus radiatus and the cirrus mamma. All in all, there are about ten different formations under the cirrus genus.

What height are cirrus castellanus clouds found?

As with all other cirrus clouds, the cirrus castellanus clouds are normally found at about 20,000 feet high and are considered to be high altitude clouds.

Classification of cirrus castellanus clouds

The rarest of the cirrus cloud formations, although it is one of several types of cirrus clouds that forewarn about impending rain or a storm.

How are cirrus castellanus clouds formed?

It is believed that these are formed by a steep drop in the temperature as the vapor formations move higher up the stratosphere. In addition, such clouds may also be formed as a consequence of the release of heat from condensation, although this is less common and happens at lower levels.

What do cirrus castellanus clouds look like?

The cirrus castellanus clouds look like little turrets or a form of embankment and sometimes have ice crystal trails at the base. Fairly dense in its presentation, this wall of clouds tends to have rounded ends compared to others of the cirrus genus that have trails. The best views of the cirrus castellanus cloud are not from the ground but rather from the sky as it allows a view of the depth and magnitude of the cloud formation that protrudes vertically.

How common are cirrus castellanus clouds?

Cirrus cloud formations generally are very common although the cirrus castellanus cloud formation is the rarest of these.

Where can I see cirrus castellanus clouds?

In this case it is not a question of location, but more of climatic conditions although they are visible all over the world.

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